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Kahiau: A Tennis Foundation is responsible for establishing the criteria and selecting of the inductees to the highly-esteemed USTA Hawaii Pacific Section Tennis Hall of Fame.  There are two Tennis Hall of Fame awards:  The Service Award & The Player Award

-The Service award honors a volunteer, official, coach or individual who has made outstanding contributions to tennis.

-The Player award commemorates an individual who is recognized for outstanding competitive achievements with considerations of sportsmanship and character. 
- The Education award is presented to those who have demostrated leadership and creative skills in such areas as instruction, writing, organization, coaching, and promotion of the game of tennis.
Award Winners
2015 | EDUCATION: Peter Burwash | PLAYER: Lurline Fujii
2014| SERVICE: Masu Dyer | PLAYER: Jean Okada | EDUCATION: Dr. Dave Porter
2013| SERVICE: Sam Caldwell   |   PLAYER:  Jane Hirota Pang
2012| SERVICE: Jane Sakakihara   |   PLAYER:   Sinclair Bill
2011| SERVICE: Annie Miller   |   PLAYER:   Betsy Somerville Purpura
2010| SERVICE: Jane Forester-Leong   |   PLAYER:  Muriel Ann Osborne
2009| SERVICE: Vailima Watson   |   PLAYER:   Jim Schwitters
2008| SERVICE: Bob Keaunui   |   PLAYER:  Rick Fried
2007| SERVICE: Jim Schwitters   |   PLAYER:  Hattie Somerville
2006| SERVICE: Don Andrews   |   PLAYER:  Suzi Swartman
2005| SERVICE: Shigesh Wakida   |   PLAYER: Jim Osbourne